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"Thinking big in order to bring nature, people and technology into harmony for the future of all of us."

Eckhard Schmidt, managing director



How we achieve our vision through our actions

Schraubenwerk Zerbst operates in a way that conserves resources. This means we, as an industrial company, base our actions in all areas to those measures that have the least impact on the environment.

Intelligent use of materials and precise processing, using the latest technical equipment and control systems, go hand in hand. In this way, we succeed in meeting the increasing requirements of our products in terms of the dimensions and service life.

It is our ordering discipline, far-sighted assurance of material availability and data-based production planning that, in interaction with our customers, ensure logistics management with which Schraubenwerk Zerbst is always a reliable partner, even in tightly scheduled projects.

How we work on a daily basis toward our long-term goal

To reduce the "ecological footprint" in the industry, joint, well-functioning action by all stakeholders is crucial. We are very aware of this challenge. Therefore, the topic is a central part of our corporate philosophy.

We live our aspirations by being sustainable on many levels:

  • We promote local value creation as it minimizes indirect consumption. Our investments in in-house hardening and tempering of all high-strength products, on-site coating facilities and plasma nitriding of the manufactured tools in our own facilities significantly reduce the amount of transport required.

  • Logical interlinking of work steps reduces the volume of transportation within the company.

  • As an energy-intensive company, we obtain our electricity entirely from certified green power.

  • Company vehicles are systematically converted to e-mobility.

We continuously promote awareness of this issue among our employees, for example by demonstrating energy-saving and waste-reduction measures, offering a healthy and regionally produced (partly organic) cafeteria menu, and providing company charging for electrical vehicles.


What distinguishes our products

With our screws we have a product that is fully recyclable. They are characterized by extreme durability and withstand high environmental requirements. In their primary function as an indispensable assembly element, they are an essential, direct component of the energy and transport revolution.

They can be transported in large quantities; thus, individual packaging requirements are low.

Although they are produced in large quantities, the Schraubenwerk Zerbst maintains a high standard in quality.

Regarding the raw material, steel mills reusing steel scrap (a more energy-saving production) are given priority in purchasing. The CO2 emission is significantly reduced.


Our company is one of the market leaders in Europe and worldwide for hot-formed special screws in the dimensions M16 to M80.

High-quality screws have been produced at the Zerbst site for 100 years.

This means developed know-how in production equipment and processes as well as our employees.

As a pure family business, we are independent in our economic decisions. Requirements presented to us can be examined and implemented quickly. Flat hierarchies enable us to act quickly and with flexibility.

Our customer base, especially in the wind industry, rail technology and crane and construction machinery sectors, has grown steadily over the years. They all trust the "Zerbst" brand.

Our company has developed into a prospering enterprise. High investments are made every year, which mainly increase efficiency and quality.

We are absolutely committed to the principles of sustainability.

We consider the achievement of the climate goals defined in the Paris Agreement to be indispensable and fundamental, and we would like to share our thoughts on this matter with our customers, suppliers and employees, and combine them into a unified effort.

We have been EMAS certified for more than 20 years and work according to these strict environmental standards of the European Union.


Milestones in the company's history:


Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Three questions. Three answers.

Eckhard Schmidt, managing director Schraubenwerk Zerbst GmbH

Unlike most East German companies, the Schraubenwerk remained East German property after the fall of the Wall. Are you proud of that?

Eckhard Schmidt: Schraubenwerk Zerbst can look back on over 100 years of history at the same location. And yes, it fills us with pride that we survived the historic reunification without being taken over by a third party and, if you like, remained in East German hands. This is another reason why Schraubenwerk has a high degree of local integrity and the Zerbst site is very dear to us.


What do you say to those who say that the Zerbst screw factory is quite remote?

Schmidt: That impression is wrong. We have very good transport infrastructure: by car via the federal highways and by Deutsche Bahn on the Magdeburg-Leipzig line, which stops in Zerbst every half hour. From there, we are an 8-minute walk away.


Where do you see Schraubenwerk Zerbst in the future?

Schmidt: I see the future development of our company on three pillars: Firstly, there is the increase in production overall with a significant expansion and intensification in the wind industry. This industry is already, but will be even more so in future, a business field with enormous potential.

In addition, following significant investments in the recent past, we will continue to invest economically and strategically in the further development of the company. Ultimately, and this is the third pillar, to pursue our goal of further reducing our ecological footprint. We consider ourselves to have a corporate responsibility here.

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