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In 1994, a majority of Swiss citizens voted to protect the Alps from the overload of trucks and to divert more transit traffic to the railways.

After the completion of the Lötschberg Tunnel and the Gotthard Base Tunnel - at 57 kilometers the longest railroad tunnel in the world - the Ceneri Base Tunnel followed. It connects the two Ticino cities of Bellinzona and Lugano.

The Ceneri Base Tunnel, which is around 15 kilometers long, reduces the travel time of passenger trains between Zurich and Milan, for example, by a further quarter of an hour, in addition to the savings made by the Gotthard Tunnel. But more importantly, the new tunnel completes the Swiss section of the corridor from the North Sea ports via Germany to the Mediterranean, which is so important for European cargo traffic. With its help, more freight should be diverted from the roads to the more environmentally friendly railways.

We are proud to play a small part in the success of the project.


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