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Here are a few very good reasons


  • Easy accessibility by car, DB and bicycle

  • Generous, modern shower and changing facilities are available

Train connection

  • The Zerbst screw works is located directly on the Magdeburg-Leipzig railway line.

  • The platform is about an 8-minute walk from the screw factory.

  • Trains to and from Dessau run every 30 minutes, Zerbst - Dessau, travel time: 16 minutes

  • Trains to and from Magdeburg every hour, Zerbst - MD, journey time approx. 40 minutes

  • Our working hours (including shifts) are compatible with the Deutsche Bahn timetable

All roads lead to Zerbst:

After Zerbst there are only:

  • 19 km from Dessau

  • 14 km from Rosslau

  • 12 km from Lindau

  • 10 km from Güterglück

  • 34 km from Aken (only 13 km via ferry)
    30 km from Coswig

  • 48 from Bitterfeld

  • 87 km from Halle

  • 104 km from Leipzig

  • 172 km from Riesa

  • 27 km from Gommern

  • 38 km from Schönebeck

  • 44 from Magdeburg

What we also offer:

  • Support in finding accommodation / daycare, help with dealing with authorities

  • Development opportunities according to the individual talents of the employees within the company (qualifications)

  • adjusted working time models for employees who want to continue working after reaching retirement age

  • a French subsidiary offers some employees from Zerbst the opportunity to get to know our neighboring country briefly through their work

  • good sense of community, many company-wide parties

  • Two furnished shared apartments in the city center

  • Mediation of leisure activities, for example in clubs, by the regular workforce

  • company-organized language courses and tutoring for difficulties in individual subjects of vocational training

  • an in-house canteen with freshly prepared meals every day

  • modern sanitary facilities, changing rooms and shower facilities

  • Good accessibility by car, DB and bicycle, direct train connection to the Zerbst screw factory (main route Magdeburg –Leipzig), working hours are compatible with the Deutsche Bahn timetable, platform is about 8 minutes walk from the screw factory.


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